martes, 4 de enero de 2011


Hi from barcelona !! I arrived yesterday at night , I went by car , it was a trip of six hours !!
Well actually I am not in a hotel , I made a home exchange with this web :
Today we started visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona we walked , walked and walked , we saw a lot of things.We ate in fres co ( ) then we went to a market called La boqueria it is a market with everyting imaginable !! We found a café called bosc de les fades , it is decorated like a magic forest , is awesome !!
Later we went to a café and we had a hot chocolate.I am exhausted because we have been all day walking !!!
So I leave you the photos of today and then I am going to sleep , my feet hurt! Hahahaha.
Kisses :)

                           Yummy :)

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  1. Ya veo que lo estás pasando genial en Barcelona! Es una ciudad preciosa llena de rincones especiales y tiendas geniales! Un beso y felices Reyes

  2. Barcelona is great

  3. jaja si barcelona es genial!!! voy muy a menudo por q tengo familia pero me tengo que pegar un palizon de 12 horas en cochee!!!jaja

  4. wow beautiful photos! the scenery and views look fabulous! x

  5. Hi Elisa! I tried to send you an email about Pay it Forward 2011, but it wouldn't send, so do you mind giving me your email address again? Thanks!

  6. wow beautiful photos! i cant wait to visit barcelona! x

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  8. Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X