martes, 4 de enero de 2011


Hi from barcelona !! I arrived yesterday at night , I went by car , it was a trip of six hours !!
Well actually I am not in a hotel , I made a home exchange with this web :
Today we started visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona we walked , walked and walked , we saw a lot of things.We ate in fres co ( ) then we went to a market called La boqueria it is a market with everyting imaginable !! We found a café called bosc de les fades , it is decorated like a magic forest , is awesome !!
Later we went to a café and we had a hot chocolate.I am exhausted because we have been all day walking !!!
So I leave you the photos of today and then I am going to sleep , my feet hurt! Hahahaha.
Kisses :)

                           Yummy :)

miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

Today I went for a walk to the city centre with my friend Carlota. :)
It was full of people ! we did many photos.First we went to a gallery of pictures , then we stopped in a bar and we ate some sandwiches , later we continue walking and we took some photos with the statues of the puerta del sol , then  we ate a hot chocolate with churros and porras and finally we took the bus and we went home.
Regards and kisses from Madrid !! :)

This Christmas my family gave me the new book of Marilyn Monroe ( fragmentos ) , a pajama , a pair of slippers , a calendar and some money.
I feel very bad making this post , I mean I do it because I want but I don´t feel right making it because I can make a post of my gifts with my own computer in my house and many people did´nt had a house or  a gift this Christmas so I decided to clean my house and separate the things I use and I need from the things I don´t want and I don´t need that last things will go for poor people.
Here are the photos of some gifts my family gave me and photos of gifts I gave to my family and friends.
Kisses =)

martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

Like every year

So this christmas eve was the same as every year.We ate the same , we watched the same (the king's speech) , we did the same etc etc .. hahaha
I bought a beautiful dress of H&M so I put it that night.
The next day I ate with my family and I went to the cinema.I watched Balada triste de trompeta ( I think is only in Spain ) It was a very good film a little bit bloody but very interesting.
I will make a post of the gifts they gave me.
Happy Christmas to everyone ! :)

Kisses !

jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010


Today was the last day that I had of school , now I am on holidays !!
My teachers gave me my notes and later we had a little festival.Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so I'm going to dinner with my family and friends.I will take some photos  :)
I hope you had a nice day and I hope you enjoy tomorrow.
Happy xmas!!!

sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Free way

Today I went with my sister shopping ,  well , that is funny because I didn't bought anything.We saw a lot of shops   , and I took a lot of photos of them. We ate in a very cool restaurant called TM burgers&fries it was decorated like a typical american restaurant from the 50´s. Then my sister bought some gifts for this Christmas and we ate the dessert in a bakery coffee called Happy day . Later we took the subway and we went to home. It was a great afternoon !! :) Here I let you all the photos I took and all the links of the shops.

               C/ Espíritu Santo, 3

    My sister :) her blog is :

     This shop is one of my favorites

             Happy day C/ Espíritu Santo, 11

                     C/ Velarde , 3